When you release an album like FUTURE PAST, you have all systems go - and that includes some cool digital marketing. The band worked with the company Crowd Surf on a lot of the marketing initiatives that happened around the release. Sloane Skylar and her team worked on a lot of it - learn more about her and what she does! Click here
Lisa Aharon is a New York-based, Vancouver-born makeup artist. She has built a reputation for bringing out natural beauty and has worked Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine) since the fall of 2011. She has worked with some many iconic celebrities including Duran Duran and we're so lucky she had some time to do one of our Q&As! Click here
John Swannell's reputation as one of the biggest names in British photography is much deserved! He has shot so many huge names, including the British Royal family, The National Portrait Gallery first began to acquire Swannell’s work in 1983, and now holds over 100 of his portraits. He also recently did the FUTURE PAST photo shoot with Duran Duran, which he talks about below! Click here
If you follow Duran Duran on their social channels (and we hope you are!), you've probably seen some posts on Merchant - a/k/a Nate Merchant, a singer/songwriter who has been working with JT on his forthcoming debut album, Here, Merchant sits for our infamous Member Exclusive Q&A...learn more about this terrific artist (and JT pal!) Click here
Barli is the voice you hear on the track "Five Years" - she's also in the music video with Anna Ross - and a voice you WILL hear on the forthcoming DD album. A singer/songwriter, Barli released her EP, "Someday All This Pain Will Be Useful," in 2020. Read on to learn more about Barli! Click here
Erol Alkan. It's even a cool name to say! Erol's just spent some years of his life in the studio with Duran Duran working on the forthcoming album, FUTURE PAST, and he's definitely someone you need to get to know better! Read on for more on this very awesome dude-DJ-producer and how Duran Duran fits in to all of this greatness! Click here

If you've been looking at the Duran Duran social pages lately, you've probably noticed a lot of chatter on writer Annie Zaleski's 33 1/3 book on Duran Duran's RIO. Having been a fan of the band, and wanting to write a 33 1/3 book on this album, Annie was overjoyed when she got the assignment. She dove right in researching every single thing RIO, to amazing results!

Read on to learn more about both Annie and the book! Click here
Many Duran Duran fans were introduced to Wendy Bevan when word came out she would be working with Nick Rhodes on some new music. That 'new music" turned out to be 4 albums worth, spread out over 52 weeks of the year. Their first release as ASTRONOMIA, "The Fall of Saturn," has just come out. Read more about Wendy, her start as a musician, and what it's like to work with Nick! Click here
Simon has another Roger in his life!

Since WHOOOSH! moved over to SiriusXM, Simon has begun working with Roger Coletti, who is Senior Director/Executive Producer of the VOLUME channel and has worked very closely with him on bringing WHOOOSH! to the Satellite airwaves. And just like Drummer Roger, SiriusXM Roger is a pretty great guy! Find out more about him, and what he thinks of Simon as a Radio Host, in this member exclusive Q&A Click here
If you've watched Duran Duran's new video for FIVE YEARS, then you've seen the work of Scot Barbour. He and his crew worked on all the Virtual Art you see in the video. Scot's had an amazing career thus far, and as a music lover, added so much to the FIVE YEARS vid. Definitely a Q&A worth reading!!! Click here
If you like to examine liner notes of DD product, you may have noticed the name Rory McCartney. Rory is an artist from London who started doing work with the band on the ALL YOU NEED IS NOW album. Sharing many sensibilities with Nick, Rory recently worked on the COLLAPSING SYMPHONY book as well, and we got him to sit down for a Member Only Q&A! Click here
Mark Egan is widely known as one of the leading players of fretless electric bass in the world, and has recorded and performed with artists ranging from the Pat Metheny Group, Sting, Gil Evans, John McLaughlin, Cyndi Lauper, Stan Getz and of course, on the ARCADIA project. We're so lucky to get a Q&A with Mark, who spoke to us last month as he was promoting his "Electric Blue" project Click here

Steve Ferrone! What can you say?? An incredible drummer and a big part of Duran Duran coming back after losing two members, we are so lucky (and thankful to Eric Alexandrakis for the assist) to have Steve as this month's Q&A! Go ahead - read on! Click here
Rumour has it that you can find a DD fan anywhere - especially in the entertainment business! Take Daphne Briggs, who has made a career running a global entertainment marketing agency, and was inspired to find a career in the arts because of...you guessed it! ... Duran Duran! Click here
Raise your hand if you know Crispin Kott! Yes, the drummer for Chekhov's Wig. Yes, the co-author of Rock and Roll Explorer Guide to New York City (Globe Pequot Press, June 2018), Rock and Roll Explorer Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area (Globe Pequot Press, Spring 2020), and The Little Book of Rock and Roll Wisdom (Lyons Press, October 2018). Yes, the dad to two great kids. And yes, a pretty big Duran Duran fan! Click here
Remember the name Bridey Heidel? She wanted to meet Simon and even went on the ELLEN show to make it happen? Never giving up, Bridey make her dream come true this past September, but she also participated in Tahoe's "Dancing with the Stars" ...and won! How cool is she? Find out by reading more!! Click here
If you've been able to catch THERE'S SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW, the Duran Duran documentary, then you got a glimpse in to the trajectory the band took to reach their initial success and keep it going after 40 years. Part of the credit should go to Director Zoe Dobson, who helped make the story riveting. She's this month's Q&A, and it's a good one! Click here
Snake Newton has been mixing the front of house sound for Duran Duran since the Astronaut era and is maybe the nicest crew member there is (no offense to the other guys!). He knows a lot about what makes the band tick, and if you want to know what he does, read on!! Click here
Ok, he really needs no introduction, right?? It's Dom Brown for crying out loud! But he DOES have some exciting things going on and we wanted to find out about it, so we're very excited Dom took the time to participate in our latest Member Only Q&A! Click here
Backstage Coordinator gig for Duran Duran? Sound fancy? Fun? Hard work? Crazy? All of the above? We snagged Looloo Murphy , who holds such a title for DD, and found out about what the job entails! Read on!

Click here
We all know JT is a Peavey bass man - but did you know there's a guy at Peavey who specifically works (and hangs out) with John making sure he is getting what he needs from his bass playing? Well , there is, and that guy is named Chris Kelly, and he's nice enough to be this month's Q&A!

Click here
Naeem Mahmood is a director to keep your eyes on!

Mentored by Gary Kurtz, producer of 2 Star Wars films, Naeem was In his late teens when he won the Prince's Trust Millennium Award and teamed up with several young creatives to set up the film production company Trailblazer.

His work has appeared on the BBC, ITV and more. Named one of the "freshest new talents" in Britain, Naeem's first feature directorial debut was "Brash Young Turks," where he met an editor named Tatjana Rhodes. Want to learn more?? Keep reading! Click here

That's all HQ has to say after reading our latest Q&A with Christina Korp of The Aldrin Foundation. From a large family that formed a singing group, to a publishing deal in Los Angeles, to running a production company to getting to hang out with Astronauts, Christina has led a super-exciting life! If you don't believe us, read on! Click here
In anticipation of the band’s forthcoming show in Iceland, we were lucky enough to grab Ragnar Mar Vilhjalmsson. He has been a big part of the PR and marketing efforts for the show - and he is also a big fan of the band, having seen their last performance in Iceland. His perspective is unique - being on both the fan side and the promotion side - and we’re excited to have him as this month’s Q&A!! Click here
Ansgar Thomann has been a friend to duranduran.com for a long time - his Rio Explained (with Tom McClintock) has been on the ASK KATY FAQs forever. His work continued on the website Duran Duran - COMPILATIONS (more on that inside).

We wanted to ask Ansgar all about what drives his painstakingly accurate work on Duran Duran and got some surprising answers! Click here
Legend! That's what Nigel Reeve is. He's worked with some mega artists in his capacity at both EMI and later Warners, including Duran Duran. One member of HQ has worked pretty closely with Nigel (Katy) and has worked for years to get him to do a Q&A. Well, he didn't disappoint!! Sit yourself down and read one of the best Q&As we can remember! Click here
Our hope with these Q&As is that we introduce you to people who work behind-the-scenes with Duran Duran that you'd otherwise never get the chance to find out about.

Case in point: Troy Vest, founder of Essential Artist Services who works with the Duran Duran Fan Community on the very cool tour merch that is exclusive for members who buy VIP ticket packages. Click here
Colombian-Venezuelan media artist and engineer David Medina, director of Duran Duran's EDGE OF AMERICA videos too cool, and too talented, for us ti explain in one little blurb. Dive in to this month's Q&A and see what he is all about, you won't be sorry! Click here
What does it take to create a perfume line with Duran Duran? Find out when you read our new Q&A with David & Kavi from Brooklyn based perfume house D.S. & Durga ((and there is a pretty awesome giveaway too!)) Click here
Lori Majewski is familiar to DD fans for a few reasons - she ran a great fanzine in the 90s called TOO MUCH INFORMATION, she has never been shy about her love for the band through several of her entertainment jobs, and she is co-author of MAD WORLD, a terrific oral history of new wave music.

She did a Q&A with us in 2014, when MAD WORLD was released, but since then has become part of Sirius XM, where her support for Duran remains strong ! She was one of the hosts, along with Richard Blade, of the band's Sirius XM Listener Appreciation Concert in Miami, and that's just one of her cool Duran Duran experiences.

See what cool stuff Lori has been up to in our latest Fan Community Q&A! Click here
Over the past 20 years, Steve Harnell's career as a music journalist has taken him to countless concerts, interview junkets and album release parties. When the magazine he now edits, CLASSIC POP, did an issue devoted entirely to Duran Duran, DDHQ knew we had to pick his brain! The magazine, which has been around for 5 years, and focuses on synth pop-80s-new romantic era of music (among others) has always been good to the band so we wanted to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. Click here

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